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Visible Invisible - A 3D Moving Image Meditation

Visible Invisible (2020) is a 3D animated version of The Oblivion Seekers 13 (2017) and is produced for Herringer Kiss Gallery's INISOLATION project. The Oblivion Seekers series has always been about occupying a kind of limbo space. It is an in-between space of protracted temporality that I'm interested in revealing.  The Oblivion Seekers are searching for a space where time is suspended, where they can hover in limbo, and temporarily push memory and knowing into oblivion. In our current state of limbo and isolation, this series of work has been constantly on my mind. If you look carefully, you can see some socially distancing “seekers” on a faraway shore. The only thing separating you… the distance ...and the visible / invisible entities that you must carefully navigate your way through.

Visible Invisible
is available for FREE as part of

Herringer Kiss Gallery's INISOLATION project.

Stream it to your Smart TV via
10:21 minutes 

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